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JuzGo Mobile Application


Q1. What is JuzGo

JuzGo is more than just a simple data sim card.  JuzGo is a community for travel enthusiasts and the curious-minded, JuzGO was born under the "new norm"; in a time of chaos and isolation. Dedicated to restoring the connection once lost with the world, with flexible data services, internet calls, travel stories, and online shopping combined, this all-in-one app allows travelers to embark on a new adventure anytime, anywhere — seamlessly connecting you with the world at the click of a button. 


Learn more about JuzGO > Divert to About us page


Q2. What is so special about JuzGo

JuzGo is a all-in-one mobile application that provides you with the essentials you need when travelling.  From internet access (Reusable Worldwide Data Sim Card) to looking for tips of places you are visiting to finding a local “guide” from whom you can find out more about the country you are visiting.


The JuzGo Data Sim card is a Over The Air (OTA) sim card that uses the state of the art Soft Sim technology that allows us to offer to our customers a reusable and multi countries data sim card.

When you have first downloaded and installed the JuzGo mobile application you will be given the option to purchase your first data plan.  Just fill in your contact and the required identification information and we will send you the JuzGo Data Sim Card!


When you are using the data sim card (after you have registered it with us using the mobile application), our system will automatically provision the necessary data package (depending on the data plan you have purchased) and country of usage to your JuzGo data sim card.  All you have to do is to slot in the sim card to your mobile phone, turn it on (upon arrival) and you can have internet access almost immediately.


Q3.  Where can I download the app and buy the Data Sim Card?




The JuzGo mobile application can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

The reusable data sim card is provided free of charge when you book for your first data plan or package.  After providing us with the required customer information we will immediately despatch the sim card to your registered address.


If you are in urgent need to travel and have the sim card urgently, you can also purchase the same from our authorised retailers. You can refer to our web site at for the list of retailers.


Q4.  What are the delivery methods and time to get my JuzGo data sim card?

Members can opt to receive their JuzRoam Reusable Data Sim Card in the following ways:

Delivery via local postal service to a registered postal address

Collect the Sim card at a EF Locker. *Click HERE for a list of locations.

Collect the Sim card at a SF Store.   *Click HERE for a list of locations.     

** Currently applicable in Hong Kong only.




Q5.       How do I purchase the data plan or package?


You can purchase the data plan and or package from via the Juz CONNECT feature within the our JuzGo mobile application and or from our web site at  Simply select the data plan you want, select the country and tell us the duration and start date, make payment and that’s it.  When you arrive at your destination you will have internet access almost immediately ** when you turn on your mobile phone.


** Connection time can be between 1 – 10 minutes depending on the local 4G infrastructure.


Juz CONNECT now > Divert to Buy Data Page


Q6.       Do I need to manually change the Access Point Name (APN)?


You do not need to change the APN manually in most destinations.  You might be required to change the APN in some countries though as they may not support that auto detect and auto fill function.  Please Click HERE for the list of Countries, Couriers and APNs


Q7.       Can I change and or postpone my Juz CONNECT plan?


Both the Juz CONNECT and Juz CALL plans can be changed and or postponed before the plans are provisioned and activated


Q8.       Can I cancel my Juz CONNECT plan?


Both Juz CONNECT and Juz CALL plans can be cancelled, and a refund made before the plan/s is provisioned and activated.  However, there will not be a refund for the Sim card.


Q9.       When will the Juz CONNECT data plan I purchased be Activated and Provisioned?


The Juz CONNECT plan would be provisioned at 12:00 am (GMT +8)according to your selected start date when you purchased the Juz CONNECT plan.


Q10.     Can I activate the Juz CONNECT plan at a later date after purchasing the plan?




Q11.     What is Provisioning?


When you click on the Activate button (after you have a purchased data plan), the app will send a signal to JuzGo provisioning server to tell it that you have purchased a certain data plan.  And when our system receives that instruction, it will then transfer the purchased plan Over the Air (OTA) into your registered JuzGo Connect Sim card.  **Please note that the JuzGo sim card needs to be inserted into your mobile device before OTA transfer can occur.


Q12.     How many Juz CONNECT data plans can I buy in advance for a trip?


You can purchase and activate/provision multiple Juz CONNECT plans at the same time, but you can only use 1 data plan at a time.  The system will provide the data service plan based on the Start and End Dates of each data plan.


Q13.     Is my payment by credit cards secure?


JuzGo uses Asia Pay as their Payment Gateway provider and all customers’ details, and payments are secured with Asia Pay’s Secured System.  For reference you may want to visit Asia Pay’s site at



Q14.     Do I need to turn on my mobile device’s roaming function?


Yes, you will need to turn on your mobile device’s roaming function.  However, you will not be incurring any roaming charges when you are using JuzGo’s roaming services.


Q15.     How many and what are the countries where I can use JuzGo?


JuzGo currently covers about 160 countries across the world.

Click HERE for the list of countries' coverages.

** As the list of countries and their corresponding plans and rates (offered by JuzGo) are constantly changing, please refer to the list of countries before purchasing the data plan required.


Q16.     How do I know if my data plan is still valid?


The data plan purchased, and usage will be displayed in user’s main account in the mobile app.


Q17.     How long are the data plans valid for?


For International data, there are currently 2 types of plans offered by JuzGo.  They are namely Day Plans and Pay as you Go Plans. 


Day Plans’ validity is 24 hours and data quota (whichever comes first) from the start of usage.


Pay as you Go Plans’ validity is based on the data package purchased which will have the total data quota reflected in the Data Plans options and the duration of the time specified in each data package.


For Local data, there are currently 2 types of plans offered by JuzGo.  They are namely Pay as you Go Plans and Month Plans.  


Pay as you Go Plans’ validity is based on the data package purchased which will have the total data quota reflected in the Data Plans options and the duration of the time specified in each data package.


Month Plans’ validity is  month and data quota (whichever comes first) from the start of usage.


Q18.     Which format and size does the JuzGo Sim card come in?


JuzGo’s data sim cards come in a 3 in 1 form factor.  Mini, Micro and Nano size.


Q19.     Will there be any roaming charge when I switch on the roaming function on my mobile device?


No, you will not incur any roaming charges when the JuzGo Sim card is slotted into your mobile device.


Q20.     Does JuzGo Data support Voice Call?


Yes, JuzGo mobile app will support VOIP over IP calls.


Q21.     Can I share/tether data?


Yes, you can share your device data via tethering for up to 4 other devices.


Q22.     Where can I get support assistance?


24/7 Customer Service via messenger/ Chatbot. Please Click HERE to Send a Message.


Q23.     What is J Coin?


J Coin is a Not for legal tender redemption scheme from JuzGo.  Members will not be able to purchase J Coins nor exchange J Coins for any monetary value.  To obtain a J Coin, members can convert the residue data, from their purchased data plans, into J Coins within the JuzGo APP. Users can then use J Coins to redeem any products within the APP, thus ensuring zero waste of your purchased data.


Q22.     How do I get J Coins?


J Coins can be redeemed by converting your residual data from your activated data plans via your ewallet in the My Wallet page.

Q23.     Can I buy J Coins?


No, you cannot buy J Coins.  JCoins can only be obtained via our redemption program.


Q24.     When can I redeem my J Coins?


You have up to 7 days on expiry of your data plan to redeem JCoins with the residual data in your data plan/s.


Q25.     How long will my J Coins last? Is there an expiry date?


Your redeemed JCoins is stored in your account wallet will expire 12 months from the date of redemption.


Q26.     What is Juz CALL?


Juz CALL is JuzGo’s Voice Over the Internet Phone Service (VOIP).  With JuzCall (and with a purchased voice call plan) you will be able to make voice calls over the internet  to landlines.  With a local country DiD phone number you can even receive incoming phone calls made to your mobile number anywhere in the world** (** In countries where JuzGo has coverage).


Q27.     How do I make an outgoing call using Juz CALL?


You can make an outgoing call from the JuzGo mobile app dial pad if you have subscribed or purchased a Juz CALL plan. You can also synchronize your contact list and check your call history via the dial pad.


Q28.     Can I receive incoming calls without incurring roaming charges?


Yes you can, by subscribing or purchase a Virtual number from JuzGo.


Q29.     What is a Virtual number?


A Virtual number is a local number which you can register under your own name. You will then be able to forward your own phone number to the Virtual number and hence when there is a incoming call to your own local number it will automatic be routed to your DiD number which you then be able to receive the incoming call (from anywhere in the world””) without incurring any roaming charges.

Q30.     Can I use Juz CALL to make outgoing calls to mobile and fixed line numbers?


You can only make calls to both mobile numbers and fixed line (landline) numbers


Q31.     Do I need registration before I can use JuzGo?


Yes, you would need to register for a JuzGo account with your personal particulars and contact address and phone number.


Q32.     Can I use Juz CALL without JuzGo Data Sim Card?


Yes you can still use Juz CALL when you are connected with Wifi signals.

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