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The Five Best Museums to Visit on a Trip to Boston, MA

For travelers who want to learn everything there is to know about a city's culture and history, there are few places better than its museums. If you are planning on spending time in Boston, MA anytime soon, you simply can't miss seeing what the following museums have to offer:

1. JFK Presidential Museum and Library

If you only have time to visit one museum in Boston, this is it. Admission will run you anywhere from $10-$14 to see this historical museum on the waterfront. The self-guided experience takes place on the 6th floor of the building and takes around 90 minutes to get through. You will experience a vast amount of history and take in what was the life and legacy of the 35th president of the United States. You'll leave this place inspired by what you could do for your country.

2. Museum of Fine Art

Containing more than 450,000 pieces of art, the Museum of Fine Art in Boston is the 5th largest museum in the country. Once you visit, paying full adult admission, you are able to visit again for free within 10 days of your initial visit. Upon visiting you will see everything from photography to paintings to sculptures. You can visit their website to see what is in the spotlight on the day of your visit or look at previous exhibitions.

3. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

If you want to take a journey back to America's founding, this museum is the perfect stop-off. You will find live reenactments, sights, and tastes that will bring you back in time. The full immersion tour will take about an hour of your day and set you back about $25 per adult. You can even board the ship and dump the tea just like they did in the 18th century. End your trip there by visiting Abigail's Tea Room where you can enjoy pastries, lunch, and even sample five of the teas thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party.

4. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Located in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood you will find the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. This museum focuses on art from Europe, Asia, and America. You will find everything from paintings, sculptures to tapestries here. This museum is known for the heist it experienced in March of 1990. 13 pieces of art were stolen by two men dressed as police officers. The art stolen had a combined value of $500 million, all while there are still plenty more expensive and world important pieces still on display today.

Photo: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Chapel, Boston (Source:

5. New England Holocaust Memorial

Even though the word museum may not be in the title for this one, you are sure to feel like you're visiting one. This memorial was inspired by Holocaust survivors that started their lives over in Massachusetts. The memorial is meant to show the evil and bigotry that took place so many years ago and stands as a beacon of hope for those who were touched by the events. It is open 24 hours a day to the public and won't cost you anything.

In Closing

Boston is undoubtedly one of the most historic cities in the United States. If you wish to learn more about its past and immerse yourself in its culture, there is no better place to go to than the museums listed in this article.



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